New movie on the horizon?

2008-02-10 07:32:52 by Techneon

Every few months I come to this site, read/respond to a few reviews, watch a few movies and wallow in the very small mess I hade here years ago. Ideas have been floating around my head for the last year or so, small ideas I wanted to do some quick movies about, but yet again, work gaming and my social life sort of prevent it from happening.

But recently I've had a burst of inspiration, a way I can actually make some of these ideas work. I'm not going to say too much in case I don't end up doing anything but if I manage to get my laptop in the next few months I can really start putting it together.

Basically it will be a mish mash of sketches of various lengths (5 seconds to 3 minutes) strung together sort of in Robot Chicken style (but not blaitantly ripping the show off), the sketches will be based on gaming and the gaming industry, both standard animation and sprite.

If this post gets more than 2 months old with no following post though, don't worry about it, see you next time I bother to post.


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2008-04-23 17:42:29

I feel exactly the same way.

Stuff I want to do is in my head.
But as you say, gaming, work, (uni aswell in my case..) just all keeps me procrastinating.

I miss 2005. It was my favourite year on newgrounds and your animation was one of those things that made that year.

Please don't do what I do and keep wallowing in what you could have achieved. Please find time to achieve it! It would be awesome to see some new work from you xD