What I do now

2008-08-18 10:02:06 by Techneon

Well since the mysterious entity known as 'motovation' is taking it's sweet time to appear to me, I've been stimulating my creativity with a little thing known as Youtube, I've been doing "Let's Play!" videos.

They are movies that forum members on Somethingawful.com post, that usually consist of a playthrough of a certain game. It's either done in picture or video format (in my case the latter) and are usualy done with commentary over the top.

So far I've played Rescue: The Embassy Mission and Taboo on the NES and I'm currently undertaking a playthrough of King's Quest V, on the nes, a port of the PC classic.

So pop over to My youtube page and check it out

New movie on the horizon?

2008-02-10 07:32:52 by Techneon

Every few months I come to this site, read/respond to a few reviews, watch a few movies and wallow in the very small mess I hade here years ago. Ideas have been floating around my head for the last year or so, small ideas I wanted to do some quick movies about, but yet again, work gaming and my social life sort of prevent it from happening.

But recently I've had a burst of inspiration, a way I can actually make some of these ideas work. I'm not going to say too much in case I don't end up doing anything but if I manage to get my laptop in the next few months I can really start putting it together.

Basically it will be a mish mash of sketches of various lengths (5 seconds to 3 minutes) strung together sort of in Robot Chicken style (but not blaitantly ripping the show off), the sketches will be based on gaming and the gaming industry, both standard animation and sprite.

If this post gets more than 2 months old with no following post though, don't worry about it, see you next time I bother to post.

Hmmm nice

2007-08-12 05:48:33 by Techneon

Wow, spiffy I'm loving this new setup, almost inspires me to actually get back into submitting content again..... almost. With work, gaming and social commitments (ie: drinking) I really don't have the time or motivation to finish a project, I got no problem starting one though.

Who knows, someday I might actually pull my finger out and get something done, you can be sure that when it does, it'll be worth the wait.